If you throw out silica gel bags, that come with a new pair of shoes, then you’re making a huge mistake! You won’t believe what you can use them for!

After buying something new, we frequently find inside a small bag with silica gel. We usually don’t know what it’s for, or we think it’s not useful and throw it away. We’re making a big mistake!

The small balls absorb humidity and effectively protect against its detrimental effects. Not many people know, how effective they are. You’ll be surprised when you see, what they are used for.

If your phone fell into water and the SIM card got wet, don’t fear! Pull it out and put it into a case with the balls. This way, you can quickly get rid of excess water.


Sometimes we have to pack in our luggage wet clothing. You don’t have to wait long until a foul smell develops, which spreads to the rest of our things. It’s easy to prevent this, by packing in a few bags with silica gel.


If you’re a fan of photography, then you must know that the lens is sensitive to extreme temperatures. It’s often damp and covered in drops of water. You can effectively prevent the effects of humidity by using humidity absorbers.