Simple decorations of fruit and vegetables that you can make at home. See how easy it is!

Everyone knows, that we “eat with our eyes”, which is why it’s important to prepare beautiful and aesthetically pleasing dishes. It’s been proven that a beautifully presented dish increases appetite and changes the way how we think the food tastes.

Aside from stylish dish sets and pretty handkerchiefs, the art of decorating fruits and vegetables is also helpful. They are frequently put on meats, cold cuts, or salads. See how they’re made!


1. A pear and grape hedgehog.

Take a medium sized pear and peel it’s thinner part halfway, which will make the hedgehog’s face. Next, put in a few toothpicks and pierce some grapes on them. We can make eyes from peppercorn and a nose from a sliced black olive.


2. A radish flower.

Thoroughly cleanse and wash two nice radish. Cut one into very slim slices, and the other in only a few places, as pictured in image 4. Later, in the created cuts, we put in the slices cut earlier. If they need to be more elastic, you can drizzle some lemon juice on them.