Smiling tourists sitting on an elephant. They have no idea what the animal had to go through so they can get on it!

A trip to Asia may be one of the greatest experience in life. One of the coolest attraction is an elephant ride, but under the seemingly modest entertainment lies a terrible truth.

These short trips are very popular tourist attractions. For a small fee, you can ride a “gentle giant” and thus help the poor animal’s owner, who is able to provide for their whole family from the income. The truth is, however, a little different.

As you know elephants are wild animals that are not easy to tame. In order to be gentle and obedient, they must undergo a very cruel procedure, be broke-in. When they are very young, at the age of 3-6, they are separated from their mother. They are beaten and restrained. Often they are tied and left for a few days without food and water. Elephants then give up the fight, they know that they are helpless and at the mercy of man. Their will is broken! Then they begin to ride them, teach them tricks and attractive start to be shown to tourists as an exotic attraction from the region. Some animals are not able to survive this cruel procedure and die in horrible agony.