Some degenerate cut this dog’s paws up! The torture didn’t end there…

It was determined that the amputated limbs weren’t the animal’s only injury. The dog had a damaged ear and a partially cut off nose. Workers from Animales Sin Hogar named him Nick and took him to the vet. The vet found that Nick was tortured for over a month. This was proven by other older injuries present on his entire body. Apparently his paws weren’t amputated with a tool, but they fell off as a result of necrosis caused by his limb being bound by something that cut off their blood supply. They suspect that it was a strongly tightened rope.

Although the four-legged creature went through an unimaginable hell, he didn’t lose his desire to live or alienate himself from people. He is grateful to those who saved him. Every time someone visits him, he cheerfully wags his tail and willingly gifts newcomers with kisses. So we can rule out that he was a bad and aggressive dog that needed to be disciplined. Nick is in fact a friendly mongrel who was punished completely unnecessarily. The cruel torturer should be punished, but unfortunately no one knows who did this.