“Someone had to cleanse society,” said the inventor of the game “Blue Whale” who also called children who have died, biological waste

The creator of the game, “Blue Whale,” which prompted the suicide of 16 students, even after being stopped by the authorities, refused to stop playing God.

As a teenager, we often have really stupid ideas. We can’t get along with our parents. Our peers don’t always value our company. This leaves us exposed to brainwashing. Manipulating young people isn’t just something that we’ve recently known about. Hitler already knew how vulnerable children are to manipulation in creating his subordinate youth known as Hitlerjugend.

Philipp Budeikin, the creator of the game “Blue Whale”, took advantage of this knowledge. The Russian led 16 young girls to their death. He confessed to this crime, claiming that he was cleansing society this way. He felt he was on some kind of mission, which was aimed with hostility at his followers, who, as he explained, don’t understand the importance of what they were doing.

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