Someone took a picture of a special moment between a social worker and his charge. The photo took the internet by storm

Jason Heckman’s wife posted a picture of her husband on Facebook. There wouldn’t be anything extraordinary about it if it wasn’t for the fact that the man was at work and was cuddling a totally stranger child. She then explained everything in an emotional post which not only moved her friends but also strangers. This is what she wrote!

‘My husband Jason is a supervisor at The Department of Family and Children services. Him and many other workers do the ungrateful job and hardly ever are appreciated. They often have to take children away from people which can’t take proper care of them.


One day during moving one of the children to a foster home, my husband stayed after hours. He took care of a little child which was waiting for its new foster parents. It was very scared, it didn’t know where it was and knew nobody around.

In a world full of hate and anger, where the only arguments are weapons, there are still defenceless children. They often have to face problems themselves and it is people like my husband who take care of them and are often not recognized for the work they do. He has never heard even a single word of gratitude or recognition. This photo is the ideal picture of love and support. My husband would go to work earlier and leave late just to make sure that the child was safe.’

It goes without saying that this man is a fantastic person. We should all appreciate such people!