Something really unusual is hiding behind the doors of a Coca-Cola vending machine. Such miracles only in Shanghai!

This vintage Coca-Cola vending machine in Shanghai hides wonderful and delicious secrets. In fact, the automatic doors lead into a stylish rock interior called “Flask”.

In addition to the modest Coca-Cola vending machine, the sandwich press and bar which operates in the front part of the trendy bar, there are also other attractions inside.


The door to the Coca-Cola machine is actually a stylish apartment door.

Alberto Caiola, the architect who designed this interior, writes: “Funny, comfortable interior, with bright colours and well lit, a few individual elements that create a mysterious place with warm, subdued lighting, which is fascinating and makes us want to spend a long time there.” The interior combines both modern and classic solutions, thanks to the comfortable vintage sofas and sober copper-coloured light. 25 bottles of whiskey line the walls.

This is the sandwich bar.


Further in, one can find a stylish interior.


Fully stylish, modern solutions.