Spaghettio is an adorable kitten that lost an eye in an accident, but not its curiosity for the world

Cats are curious animals that like to climb, push their way into nooks and crannies, knock everything down with their paws and look in places where they shouldn’t. Their bodies are built in a way that allows them to perform different stunts, but sometimes a cat’s instinct fails and the pet doesn’t land on four paws.

Meghan is a cat lover who adopted a male cat some time ago and named him Spaghettio. The new member of the house turned out to be a very cheerful, sociable and friendly cat, but above all the cat was overly curious, which unfortunately led to tragedy.


Meghan couldn’t resist the small kitten’s cuteness and she had to take him in. The cat turned out to be a very resolute pet and it was hard to keep an eye on him.

Kittens can make people’s hearts melt.
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Young cats aren’t always able to judge distance accurately or a threat that lurks in their surroundings, which is why they’re more prone to injuries. Unfortunately Spaghettio, inexperienced in climbing, also made a bad decision, when one day he wanted to climb onto a chair, but instead toppled the piece of furniture onto himself.

A small cat doesn’t mean small trouble, quite the contrary.

You’ll find how the cat’s life changed after the accident on the next pages.

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