Spider-Man appeared at a young Texas boy’s funeral. Find out who was dressed that way and why

A child’s death is always a huge tragedy and seems pointless, because the young person hadn’t yet experienced life. Such a death is a difficult experience, not only for family and friends, but also for the people who were trying to save the child.

On April 2nd, Officer Damon Cole was on duty at the police station in Fort Worth, Texas when a desperate woman called in. She couldn’t find her 5-year-old son and had a bad feeling about it, which is why she wanted to ask for help in finding him. The policeman drove to her house and began searching. The lost boy was Joshua Garcia, a charming and cheerful preschooler.


The mother suspected that Joshua could have accidentally fallen into the pool in their backyard. Unfortunately, the water was dirty and murky, so the pool had to be searched foot by foot by jumping inside. Officer Cole didn’t hesitate for a moment and dove into the leaves and gray water. After a moment, he surfaced with the child’s body.

Damon Cole is an experienced policeman, who will help everyone without hesitation.

The officer began administering CPR and his mother called an ambulance. Unfortunately, neither Cole nor the doctors were able to rescue the boy and he was declared dead. The 5-year-old’s drowning saddened the whole surrounding area, because Joshua was well liked by neighbors and peers. His death also touched the policeman who wasn’t able to help in time.

Unfortunately, Joshua drowned in a backyard pool.

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