This heart-rending video about a starving polar bear brutally shows how global warming destroys wildlife

Lack of attention to nature sooner or later will end with the destruction of our planet.

Technological development, which took place in the 19th and 20th centuries, significantly facilitated people’s lives, but also had many negative effects. This led, among other things, to the dominance of the consumer lifestyle, which in turn translated into an increase in the production of various goods. Unfortunately, their production, to a large extent destroys winter and its unique nature.


The result of irresponsible human behavior is the growing greenhouse effect that leads to global warming of the planet. This is a very dangerous phenomenon because it leads to the melting of glaciers and the destruction of entire polar ecosystems. One Canadian photographer, Paul Nichlen, was convinced of the serious and dramatic nature of the problem.

The man, along with a group of ecologists from Sea Legacy, chose to photograph nature on the largest island of the Arctic Archipelago, the Baffin Earth, which is mostly located behind the Arctic Circle. Unfortunately, the scene he shot there shocked everyone.


Paul, through his film, immortalized a polarizing hungry polar bear who, due to climate change, lost his natural feeding environment. The photographer later admitted that it was one of the most moving experiences in his life:

We stood there and just shocked we cried. We have seen that this animal is dying, but we could do nothing.

Environmentalists and naturalists believe that a bear in this condition has been suffering from hunger for months, and that these were his last days.

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