This heart-rending video about a starving polar bear brutally shows how global warming destroys wildlife

Unfortunately, the polar bear photographed is not the only one who is starving due to the warming of climates and the melting of the Arctic ice sheet. There may even be thousands of such individuals, which only confirms the correctness of including these animals on the list of endangered species. Naturalists estimate that if we do nothing, these beautiful predators will die over the next 100 years. Unfortunately, not only them, but also other species inhabiting arctic areas.


What do you need to do to save polar bears and other animals? First of all, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances to the atmosphere, to slow down climate warming, stop cutting down hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests and take care of the natural food chains of animals.

If people do not understand that their behavior destroys nature, in just a few decades, they will be able to admire only a few species of animals in these pictures because they will disappear forever from the surface of the Earth …