15 reasons why you should IMMEDIATELY stop drinking milk! Number 15 is the most shocking!

When we were young, it was repeated over and over to us that we have to drink milk to be strong and healthy. Going without it is not a possibility! It is best to drink a glass for breakfast or supper to ensure the bones are strong and to keep illnesses away.

New research brings news about milk that is not so good. Milk definitely affects our body, but not quite as we would wish it did. After reading these facts, your opinion about milk may change, and you’ll think about whether it is worth drinking or not.


1. Milk contains vitamins and minerals, but also acidic animal proteins and antibiotics that are ingested by cows when they’re fed. Those substances cause more harm than good!

2. Humans are the only beings that drink the milk of other animals, even in the adult stage and milk can harm a person more than it can help.


3. Cows are used by people and entered into a state of continuous lactation to meet the demand of man.

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