Students learned a waitress’s secret from the student bar and have come up with a plan…

As the old saying goes, happiness is the only thing that multiplies when its divided. And it’s worth remembering. Every day we meet people along our way who we recognize, but overall don’t really know. This especially applies to places where we often go to – a favorite store, café or restaurant.

Sometimes people work in such places who create a pleasant atmosphere and you want to go back there again. A sandwich or a cup of coffee can be bought anywhere, but sometimes we hope that the person that can make our day with a smile or some kind words will be there.

That’s exactly how it is in the school café in Elton University in North Carolina. That’s where Kathryn Thompson works, who is very pleased seeing each guest, and who’s nice to everyone and makes it so that the students enjoy spending time there.

During one shift, two students – Taylor and Lucy, honestly talked with her about their problems and dreams, The woman also confided her secret to them that she dreams of taking her family one day to Disneyland, Florida. Her autistic grandson only reacts when he sees Mickey Mouse. But unfortunately, she can’t afford such an expense and the trip will have to stay as a dream.


Taylor and Lucy came up with an idea to announce a charity collection. They didn’t tell the woman anything, so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. It proved not to be a hassle for students to spare a few dollars for the collection. Everyone likes Kathryn and they managed to collect the needed money in 3 days!


When they managed to gather the money, the girls told Kathryn about the surprise that they’ve prepared! Along with her children and grandson, they’re going to Disneyland:


Share kindness, it always comes back!

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