She was sitting on the side of the road and did not understand what had happened. Only quick help made the monkey miracle survive!

People are cruel, they kill animals cruelly for fun. This makes us the worst predators on Earth.

Animals have no choice but to live next to humans because their terrain shrinks at an alarming rate. They no longer have extensive forests to live in within their flocks or herds. There are more and more animals that do not have the capability to defend themselves against humans. Many of them disappear from the surface of the Earth, while some try to cope with new conditions.


Undoubtedly, monkeys, especially macaques, are animals that are not easy to tame, but are found easily in the urban jungle. Especially in Thailand, nobody is surprised to see monkeys walking around the city. To survive, monkeys have learned to steal, trash dumpsters, or even operate machines with drinks and food. They can even sneak into stores and steal their favorite snacks from the shelves.


There are many people who consider monkeys to be the greatest evil within cities. They indicate that due to their behavior, they should be eliminated from cities. They do not ask themselves, however, where to put these monkeys or how to give them a place to live so they do not have to steal and destroy human property in search of food and shelter.

Fortunately, not everyone is so insensitive and thinks monkeys have to be exterminated from cities. They are able to draw a helping hand out to them. When a passer-by found a monkey that was shot with a harpoon in the head, he quickly reacted and called for help to relieve the suffering of the animal.