Because of her inadequate attire, she could not join the holy communion! Do you think the priest was right?

On the day of the first Holy Communion, almost all girls want to look like princesses.

Some months before the ceremony, they look around for dresses and glittering accessories. Sometimes parents, and especially mothers, overdo it and want to make their daughters into their own little miss. In addition to fancy creations, they will visit hairdressers, cosmetic artists or professional make-up artists.

The daughter of Chris Mansel was to receive the Eucharist for the first time on October 10. The 9-year-old was very excited about this fact and started looking for the right outfit. All of her Catholic school friends decided to wear, on this particular day, a beautiful white dress but Cady decided she would not look like the rest of the girls.

The 9-year-old loves to wear suits and on the day of her First Communion she also wanted to wear a beautiful white suit – with trousers and jacket. There was no official arrangement as to how children should dress, so Candy decided with her mom that she could go in a light, fitted suit. Three days before the ceremony, they learned from the priest and the school authorities that the child could not join the sacrament.

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