Summer vacation is at its peak and you can’t get rid of your side fat? Here are 7 tips on how to say goodbye to it!

Women dream of perfect bodies, but unfortunately, to have them, they have to put some effort in. Few of us have a slim body encoded in our genes. The rest have to work hard to look good. Nothing gets done by itself, that’s why if you want to show your beautiful body off at the beach, you need to start working hard.

Side fat doesn’t appear by itself and it also doesn’t disappear the same way, so if you’d like to have a beautiful belly, find a little bit of motivation in yourself and follow these 7 rules shared by fitness trainer – Kyle Gagnon, which were published in the Huffington Post.


A few ways to help you get rid of side fat:

1. Eat healthy fats

Approximately 25-35% of your daily calorie intake should be healthy fats. Go for avocado, fish and nuts. Avoid butter, fatty meats, unhealthy oils and all fast food products.


2. Limit sugars and carbohydrates

Replace them with fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products.

You’ll find other tips and slimming exercises on the next pages!