Sun, sand and… mishaps that could have been avoided. See how unfortunately these people have tanned. Smiles are guaranteed!

Weather encourages to lounge carefree in the sun. Everyone knows that there is nothing better to improve mood than a decent dose of sunlight. Some, however, don’t know moderation or forget about lotions with a high SPF.

The effects are sometimes frightening. The body is turning red, itching and looks terrible. Of course it’s easy to avoid these unpleasant consequences by just preparing properly for sunbathing.

1. I wonder what she ate? I bet it was a big bucket of ice cream!


2. Sunny tattoo. You can get similar one very quickly :). Just two hours in full sun.


3. He had a short nap on a sunny day… Here are the results!


4.  While on holidays remember not to wear these shoes!