Swedish scientists have announced that eye colour determines personality. In my case it works! And what about you?

People often say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Now it turns out that it also has a scientific basis!

When we think of our personality, we pay close attention to various aspects, but probably often overlook the eyes. What a pity! They are part of our physicality, that can tell a lot about us… and are visible right away!

Researchers from the University of Orebro in Sweden analysed 428 people in terms of their personality, taking into account the colour of their eyes. They noted that the colour of our irises have the same genes which make our frontal lobes, thus it can be concluded that there’s a clear link between our reactions to the environment and eye colour. Are you curious about what qualities the Swedes attributed to people with specific eye colours? Read on! 🙂

Page 1 : black (dark brown) , grey

Page 2 : blue, hazel (brown)

Page 3 : brown, green

1. Black / dark brown eyes.

There’s high chance that you’re a natural leader. Even if you don’t feel it, you may be surprised that this is how people around you see you.

People with such dark eyes tend to be perceived as mysterious and secretive, even though they are really warm and friendly.

Darker eyes mean that there’s more melanin in the body. Research published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences clearly state that people with very dark eyes, drink a lot less than bright-eyed people, as well as achieve greater success in sport, especially ones that requires hitting a target, eg. tennis. This is because melanin acts as an insulator for the connection between the cells. The more melanin you have, the faster your brain works.

Potentially you can rule the world! You’ll find an inner strength. The world already sees a leader in you.



2. Grey eyes.

Grey eyes are rare, although there are actually only a variation of blue irises. If you have dark eyes, you have more melanin than someone with pale, clear grey irises. It is believed that grey-eyed people are exceptionally balanced and tactful, but … this is only one side of the coin.

Perhaps they’re a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Therefore, you can proceed differently in similar situations, depending on with which people or emotions you have to deal with. Whether or not you are more or less open, depends on how much you control your emotions.

If you have light grey eyes, it’s most likely that action comes to you a little harder than most people. You want to be taken seriously by everyone, but at the same time your own opinion is important to you. Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to reconcile these two extremes. Sometimes, it takes you a little time to express your emotions, but if you let someone know the truth, you’ll take care of the relationship with all your strength.



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