Tattoo mishaps in the real world. If you want to have a cool tattoo, it’s best to choose an experienced tattoo artist!

Tattooing the body requires a lot of artistic skills. It isn’t only about having an expert hand and paying attention to detail, but above all, it’s a difficult and time-consuming job. You can’t become a tattoo artist overnight! You need to quickly be able to learn the skill of recreating even the most complex designs and, above all, get a lot of practice.

Even the smallest of mistakes will remain on someone’s skin forever, so precision and a professional approach are a must. Of course, if you don’t like your tattoo, you can have a so-called cover-up done, which is basically replacing the old tattoo with a nicer one. However, that’s not what tattooing is about.


When we go to a tattoo parlor with the intent to get a cool design, that’s exactly what we expect. We are not interested in a botch job and that the tattoo artist is “just starting to learn.” Sometimes it occurs that hideous mishaps happen, which in no way resemble professional tattoos. Take a look at how some of the worst tattoos would look in the real world! Smiles guaranteed!

1. Freddie Mercury on stage.


2. Bob Marley alive.

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