Tears and tortures bringing national pride. See what Chinese children are forced to do to achieve the best results in sports

Chinese sportsmen have extraordinary results in a lot of sports disciplines and are among world leaders in medal rankings in the Olympic Games. Their feats are shocking and seem impossible to perform, however the competitors break records and proudly climb the podium. A moment of fame, however, costs them a lot of sacrifice and suffering.

They do killer training already when they are several years old. It is all done so that a few years later, they can be champions admired by the whole world.


The selection of future Olympic champions begins at school. Teachers select kids who, in their opinion, have the greatest predisposition to become known in sport. They go to training camps far away from their families. The youngest ones are 5 years old.


In the mornings, they learn, and in the afternoons, they train intensively. Parents can see them only in the weekends, but the majority prefer to live in isolation. Isolation from the family and friends is though to motivate children more and frequent meetings with mother or father is not recommended.

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