Terrified tourists surrounded by hungry crocodiles. It’s hard to believe, but they ended up there at their own request!

Do you want to experience the adventure of your life? You should visit Anachak Chang Pattaya, also known as the Elephant Kingdom of Thailand. You’ll be able to experience firsthand what it’s like to be bait for hungry crocodiles. It sounds terrible, but in recent weeks, it has been a very popular attraction among foreign tourists visiting the country. How does it all work?

A small group of people gets on a rusted raft floating on plastic barrels. They stand there and watch hungry 9-feet long reptiles. The tourists can feed them, giving them meat on makeshift fishing poles.


Frightening images of people surrounded by crocodiles made their way onto the internet through a rickshaw driver. The shocking photographs taken by Jon Noka caused the police to quickly arrive and suspend operations at Anachak Chang Pattaya for 90 days due to safety concerns. It was found that the creators of the unconventional attraction exposed the visitors to considerable danger.