Thanks to a doctor’s idea and the love of a brother, these babies have a chance of surviving! This story is heartwarming!

Children are the most precious of treasures to their parents. If they have older siblings then they’re involved in their care and problems as well. Unfortunately, it happens that babies are born prematurely or sick and then the whole family puts up a fight. No matter the price, the children’s health and lives are the number one priority.

Premature babies who haven’t had the chance to fully develop in their mother’s womb are always under special protection. Usually they’re placed into sterile incubators and are kept there until they become stronger. However, Uwe Ewald from Uppsala came up with an ingeniously simple idea and most importantly, one that works!


Instead of keeping the babies in incubators, the doctor asked family members for their help. The babies are placed on the chests of their family members! Natural body heat keeps the babies warm, their heartbeat equals out and they breathe evenly and stably. The children put on weight more easily and quickly. Familial germs don’t bother the child and can even make their immune system stronger. Professor Ewald’s method has become so groundbreaking that doctors from many hospitals want to put it into use! It’s a great opportunity for the development of all premature babies.

A child’s older sibling spends a lot of time keeping his baby brother warm, saving his life at the same time.

It’s not a solitary case! You will read about the next one on the next two pages.



  1. Lesley Silver
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