Thanks to Google Earth, a likely UFO crash site was discovered in Antarctica. Is it another mistake or an important discovery?

The world is full of conspiracy theories and a good part of them concerns the presence of extraterrestrial beings on the planet. Some believe that we’re not alone in the universe and they search for evidence of it in very strange places. Are they delusional, or perhaps they’re right? 

One of many people claiming to have found evidence supporting the existence of UFOs is Russian national Valentin Degterev, who after viewing images from Google Earth, claimed that one of the pictures may be confirmation of an alien spacecraft crashing on our planet.


Speculation about the existence of UFOs will probably never go silent, because mankind is still troubled by the question: is there life in the universe beyond our civilization? Additionally, interest in aliens is fueled by the film industry, which willingly puts out movies of cosmic nature. This surely has an effect on people’s imaginations, including Valentin’s, who believes that Americans are fighting with the visitors from foreign planets on Antarctica.

This photo intrigued Valentin, a believer of theories about the existence of alien civilizations in space.

According to the Russian, undeniable proof of the existence of UFOs is to be an image taken in Antarctica of cracks in the snow and ice cover. The man believes that this is the path of the alien ship after it landed, or rather after it crash landed into the ground. The pictures, of course, are taken from a rather long distance, and their magnification distorts the image, so you can’t exactly tell what kind of hole is in the snow.

Does this look like a hole made by a spaceship? We doubt it…
Alien Hunter Finds UFO In Antarctica Using Google Earth

Although the photos from Google Earth are a very dubious piece of evidence supporting the existence of UFOs and almost no one believes his theories, Valentin is convinced about his findings, and specifically that at these geographical coordinates: 80 ° 34’08.4 S 30 ° 05’19.3 W, a UFO had landed, and thus we share the universe with other beings who know about us, but about whom we know nothing.

This is where the alleged UFO landing was to take place.