Thanks to her romantic husband and the surprise he put together, severely ill Laura will never forget her 10th wedding anniversary

When tying the knot, the bride and groom vow to remain with each other both in times of good health and bad. Keeping this promise is the best proof that the love between them was deep and sincere, since it didn’t end when complications arose.

Ten years ago, Carl Gilbertson from Liverpool married a beautiful woman named Laura. The couple was happy and their life was no different from the lives of thousands of British couples. Sadly, their tale was cut short by a terrible message: Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system that systematically reduces the efficiency of the body, resulting in death.


Although this news saddened the couple, it didn’t put out their flame of love. Carl affectionately took care of his wife, who is now forced to get around in a wheelchair. Although their life has changed completely, they don’t travel and spend time actively, they’re still happy together.

Laura and Carl have always known that they were meant for each other, and sickness didn’t tear them apart.

Carl, who wanted to show his wife how much he loves her, decided to surprise her on their 10th wedding anniversary. He arranged a small concert for her: he asked the university choir to sing a song titled “Just the Way You Are” for his wife. When the woman saw what her husband had prepared for her, she couldn’t keep back her emotional reaction. These types of acts are very important for her, because she doesn’t know how much time she still has to enjoy the presence of the man she loves.

Let the story of Laura and Carl remind us that showing how much we love someone close to us is worth it, not only in the event of an illness.