Thanks to these glasses a blind woman could see her son’s face. Read her touching story

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the smile of a new born baby. Unfortunately, hundreds of blind mothers have never had the ability to see it for themselves.

Kathy Beitz, a Canadian, received a similar sad fortune. Thankfully, advanced technology like from science fiction has arrived to help her.


Kathy Beitz has been suffering with Starfadt’s disease from childhood. An odd genetic defect causes her to lose sharp central vision. During birth, she sees only objects that normal people see in their peripheral view. She couldn’t even dream of seeing the face of her newborn child. Fortunately, advanced technology has arrived to help her. The special eSight glasses were a perfect solution. The device focused her vision and allowed her to clearly see objects which were just blurry spots before.

Invented in 2014, eSight glasses give hope for a normal life to thousands of people will serious visual defects. Unfortunately, their range of operation is limited. They can only help people, who have in the smallest degree had the ability to naturally see. It is a very expensive devise – around 15 thousand dollars for each pair.

Kathy didn’t think about the money, seeing the face of her son for the first time in her life. Watch their moving encounter.

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