Thanks to this dog’s fast reaction, this two year old boy is still alive!

There’s a reason for the saying, that a dog is a man’s best friend. They are very smart animals, which is what David Kenny from Coffis Harbour in Australia found out.

One day, David and his family went to the lake with friends. Suddenly, there son Alexander got lost… The family started to search for the boy. Thankfully, Leala hurried to help the boy. The child fell into the water and lost consciousness.

The dog tried to pull the small child out, but it required more strength than she had. But, she didn’t give up, letting the boy’s father know with loud barking. The puzzled parent quickly went after her and it turned out, that his son was floating on the surface.

The boy was pulled out of the water, but unfortunately the resuscitation lasted almost a half hour without effect.