The 10-year-old Anna Christine has such a deep, mature and powerful vocal that professional singers turn green with envy

10-year olds used to sing children’s songs and fairy tale hits. Nowadays, they prefer the adult repertoire. It is usually difficult for them to even come close to the original, but there are exceptions. Anna Christine is 10 years old and a brave girl, because she decided to come star in “You Got Talent”.

She immediately decided to throw herself into deep water and presented a difficult song that requires the singer’s emotional maturity and skills. Anna Christine decided to sing the Animals hit, the „House of the Rising Sun”. The girl sat down at the piano and began to play …


After the first line came out of her mouth, the jurors were certain: her talent is a real jewel! This 10-year-old has an unusually strong and deep voice with a touch of nostalgia. She sang clearly, lingered at every sound and was genuine, which is how she won the audience on her side.

Some talents seems to reach the stars.

Her interpretation of the song showed that such an old hit can sound good in a new version. We foresee a great career ahead of her hope that she does not fall prey of show business. One can think of Miley Cyrus here, who also began her singing career as a child.

This performance is worthy of attention.