The 5 most toxic cookware! Be sure to check if you don’t happen to have them in the kitchen!

Kitchen utensils seem to be completely safe. We believe that since they have been acceptable for sale then they don’t have any damaging compounds that can harm health. The truth sometimes turns out to be completely different, and what at first glance seems to be harmless, in fact, secretes substances that cause many serious diseases, including liver failure or Alzheimer’s disease.

See which tableware you should stay away from!

1. Ceramic Pots

They’re completely safe as long as a scratch exposing the steel doesn’t appear on them. Then, harmful substances that can cause unpleasant health problems can get into your food.


2. Aluminum dishware

You can’t cook acidic and very salty foods in them like Cabbage soup or stew. When combined with a high temperature, it can cause pitting on the surface of the vessel. That releases the harmful aluminum, which accumulates in the liver (when accumulated in excess, it causes its failure).