The biggest pitbull on earth became a daddy. The pups are worth a quarter of a million dollars!

One of the most famous pitbulls in the world became a father of eight beautiful puppies not to long ago. Hulk’s owners, Maroln and Lisa Grennan, live with their pet in Hampshire, USA. Hulk is trained as an elite defence dog, that’s why he’s puppies are so expensive.

Marlon says that Hulk is a legend for a reason, he’s potentially the father of the dog that could beat his record. Almost all puppies have already found a new home, every owner is hoping that their puppy will be special.



Dark Dynasty K9 is a school that specializes in correcting and training dogs for defence. Marlon trains dogs from birth, who live together in a large pack without any barriers, psychological nor physical. The dog’s are trained well. Marlon isn’t afraid of leaving his three-year-old son Jordan with them.

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