The birth of sextuplets is a unique event which can turn into a drama in a split second

The birth of a child is a moment which we call a miracle. Coming into the world is a new life, a mixture of two people’s genes, which is the base for a person capable to change the world with their future actions. Unfortunately, not all births are moments of joy.

The most complicated and dangerous, both for women and children are multiple births. The more unborn children there are in a mother’s womb, the harder it is to keep them in good shape and give birth on the specified date. The Lamb family from Great Britain found out how difficult it is to give birth to sextuplets, when their time of delivery turned into a nightmare.


Andy and Vicky Lamb are both 31 years old and are the parents of a young daughter. The couple decided to try and have their next child and the woman began taking medication to increase fertility. The therapy resulted not only in becoming pregnant, but also the conception of 6 children! Having such a large family like this is a wonderful thing, but the future parents knew that multiple pregnancies are very risky. Despite this, they decided that all of the children were going to be full-term. When time came, they drove to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

The couple feared the moment of birth throughout the entire pregnancy.

Unfortunately, labor began too early, 14 weeks before the scheduled date. In just five minutes, four boys and two girls were born, their weight ranging from 21 oz. to 31 oz. It’s hard to imagine that not even one of them weighed a measly few pounds. The babies’ condition was very serious, and therefore they required specialized care in the intensive care unit for newborns. Unfortunately, despite the doctors’ efforts, one of the boys died.

Although doctors have modern equipment at their fingertips, not every child can be saved.

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