The “bloody banana” mystery and what’s really behind their strange appearance!

Ignorance and susceptibility to some surprisingly-shocking information leads to unnecessary fear. It’s hard to protect people against this, because the internet is every now and again flooded by new shocking information. Some is false and the result is that we begin to worry needlessly.

This was also the case with the bloody banana hoax, in which bananas were allegedly injected with HIV infected blood :). The rumor caused quite a stir on the web. Panic was so great that people have stopped buying and eating bananas.


On foreign internet forums and social networking sites uproar arose. Internet users began to post pictures with red spots on the inside of bananas as proof that someone was actually trying to harm the health of hundreds of people.




It was said that a million infected pieces of fruit were brought from Guatemala and distributed mainly in North America. A video was even created, illustrating this horrible process of the infected bananas.

On the next page, you’ll find out what the “blood stains” on the fruit really are!