The Chinese color the worst quality shrimps and sell it for a high price all around the world. Do not let yourself be fooled!

The Chinese are the world champions in the production of counterfeit goods. As it turns out, they can fake anything, not just clothes, shoes, cosmetics or electronics, but also … shrimps!

Prawns are crustaceans that live in freshwater and salt waters and number about 2.5 thousand species. Among them, gourmet fans appreciate e.g. the Northern shrimp, called Norwegian, which has a great taste and a nice pink color, intensifying with heat treatment. These shrimp are pricey, which is why the Chinese have decided to once again deceive their consumers and remake the cheapest shrimp into the most expensive.


Chinese shrimp are small and pale, so, to pretend that they are those from the North, they must undergo a facelift. It consists of the shrimp (not always freshly caught) is dyed for several minutes by immersion in a vat of sodium polyphosphate. This synthetic compound, hiding under the symbol E452, is added to highly processed foods and detergents. When consumed in small amounts, it is considered to be harmless, but heavily saturated with water shrimps contain well beyond the norm.

To earn well on the pale Chinese shrimps, they must be pre-dyed.

Sodium polyphosphate is primarily suited to give shrimps their beautiful pink color, but it also makes them absorb water better. The more icing required for freezing the shrimp consumes, the heavier it will be and the more profit it will bring, and the manufacturing plants do not skimp on sodium polyphosphate.

Shrimps are a valuable fruit of the sea, but they must come from a proper and reliable source.

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