The Chinese people are poisoning people once again! This time they are selling rice… made of plastic! See the video of their factories and learn how to unmask these artificial grains

China is a multi-million dollar country, famous for its production of everything that other countries regard as dangerous or unhealthy.

For the past few years, consumers are paying more attention to what they put in their shopping carts. Usually they check for the presence of preservatives and the nutritional value of the product, but this does not necessarily mean that the food is always healthy, especially if it comes from China.

On a label anything can be written, and customers have no way of checking what is actually in the package. So you should avoid foods in the at-risk category, and this includes products from China. The Middle Kingdom is famous for producing products that are incompatible with European and American safety and quality standards.

Every few months, the media is swept with waves of reports about the strong dangers of another Chinese product. Usually its related to the toxicity of industrial goods and food GMOs, but this time it is much more serious: it was discovered that the Chinese produce rice made of plastic and release it to the market!

More about the problem of plastic rice on the following pages. You will find there a video of factories producing this rice and then learn how to identify this artificial grain.