The couple was close to divorce and wasted a dozen years of marriage. Everything changed with one sentence!

Stories told by netizens from around the world are often amusing, they show that no matter which side of the world you live on, usually we all have the same joys and sorrows. It happens that people tell stories about their lives in order to help others, give them advice and show them that there isn’t any problem without a solution.

Such a story was shared on the Internet by Richard, who is a writer, and almost lost the greatest love of his life – his wife Keri.

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Crises happen in any family, it’s normal, but it is important how you deal with them. From the beginning, we were a married couple with different personalities, but we managed to deal with it. Over time, money and fame, which came to us, did not help. Unresolved tensions were so heavy that I was relieved when I’ve gone to travel to promote my books. We started to become our own enemies, constantly fighting over ordinary things. We weren’t able to speak with each other.

When I was on tour, I called Keri, from word to word our conversation twisted into a terrible fight and we said to each other the worst insults. I was so depressed with this that I sat and cried. It was not easy, Keri had it the same. Deep down I knew that she is not a bad woman, and I do not want to hurt her. So why, then did I do that, why do I torture the person with whom I swore to myself to LOVE?

I sat and asked myself why she will not change, why she’s like that. And it dawned on me. Why haven’t I asked myself this question yet? All the way home I prayed hard to God for help, for strength and the recovery of love. And advice came to me, inspiration! One simple phrase, which can change everything.