The customer began to argue and humiliate the cashier. See how exceptionally well the store manager reacted

One of the underrated job positions today is that of a cashier. Typically, such a person is labeled as an unskilled worker, who doesn’t have the required education to work at a higher position.

Working as a cashier isn’t easy: it requires precision, alertness, good memory, but also nerves of steel and flexibility due to constant contact with customers who aren’t necessarily satisfied with the store’s offer. Unfortunately, people generally despise a person at this position, which is what a young girl painfully learnt, when trying to earn some extra money while in college.


This is how the girl recalls that unpleasant occurrence:

A few years ago, I worked as a cashier in a store selling office supplies. I wanted to earn money for college this way. Unfortunately, one day something very unpleasant happened to me. I was servicing a quite wealthy customer: I noticed her brand-name purse and that her hair was nicely done… The woman threw her purchases onto the conveyor belt and pulled out some coupons, and I, as usual, began to scan the barcodes on the goods and coupons

Cashiers have to service angry and rude customers on a daily basis.
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Unfortunately, it turned out that not all the coupons were valid. When I told the woman that I couldn’t accept them, the customer went berserk. Deaf to my arguments, she demanded to speak with my manager. While we were waiting for my boss to come up to the cash register, the customer angrily said to her, what looked like 7-year-old daughter, who was standing next to her: See honey, this is why you need to go to college, so that you don’t end up a cashier, like this lady. These words were the greatest humiliation that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

No job is beneath you – what a shame that more and more people forget about that.

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