The death of this boy shocked everyone. The child drowned while lying in his own bed! Warn your friends

Having fun in the pool is a great way to cool off on a hot day and an opportunity to spend time with friends. Unfortunately, a pleasantly spent afternoon doesn’t always end well. The story of Johnny Jackson shows that parents should always be on the lookout, because even innocent splashing around in shallow water, can lead to tragedy.

Cassandra and her son Johnny came over to their neighbors to spend a hot afternoon by the pool. The children were playing in the water while the adults rested. The day was beautiful and there were no signs of tragedy looming in the air, when upon returning home, the boy suddenly died. The discovery of the cause of death shocked everyone.


Everything which happened that afternoon was inconceivable for Cassandra. When she returned home with her son, there was no indication that the boy was about to die. Johnny behaved as usual: he spoke, walked, smiled, although he claimed to be tired because of the whole day. This decrease in her son’s energy didn’t have the mother worried, because she knew that a few hours spent playing in the water and intensive sunlight had exhausted the ten-year-old’s body.

The boy was in a good mood all day, but fell victim to considerable exhaustion in the evening.


Johnny was tired, but happy. The cure for the drop in energy was going to be rest, so the boy went to bed. When, after about two hours Cassandra came to see if her son was sleeping peacefully, with horror she discovered that the child was not breathing and his mouth was covered in foam. She immediately called for help, but it was too late. Doctors conducted an autopsy and were surprised to discover that Johnny had drowned, even though he was in his own bed.

Cassandra hadn’t even considered that her son could have drowned.


The child’s cause of death was dry drowning. This was caused by an intake of a small amount of water, which began to spread in the airways, causing an increased difficulty in breathing over time. It ultimately results in the swelling and shrinkage of the airway. A person deprived of oxygen suffocates. Symptoms of dry drowning can occur up to even several hours after swimming.

Dry drowning is symptomatic, so you can react to the threat.

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