The difference in the retirement benefits is enormous. See how much a person gets in different countries

Work is a very important element in people’s lives because it allows one to earn a living and also to develop competencies and get satisfaction. After long years of hard and honest work, everybody deserves a rest and a decent retirement.

For some, retirement is something long awaited, but others are robbed in their sleep. Unfortunately, millions of people know that the pension the elderly get in their country will not be enough to subsist on. A lot of pensioners still have to work despite advanced age and poor health.


The pension depends not only on the contribution the employee pays towards his future pension, but also on the situation of the country and the condition of its economy. In rich countries, pensioners rest decently, they can afford a proper living standard, medicines and even distant trips. In underdeveloped countries, a lot of seniors live on the brink of poverty and must depend on the help of others because otherwise they would not be able to make ends meet.

The prospect of retirement is not nice for everybody.

Below the lowest possible pensions from over 20 countries from different parts of the world are presented. The lowest pensions come first.

1. Hungary $106


2. Argentina $124

What is the difference between the lowest and the highest pensions in the world? You will find the answers in the next pages..