Pui often fled from the house and rummaged in the trash. One day he brought a bag home and the contents moved all the household members

There are dogs that have the nature of roaming whenever they may run away to explore the area.

Owners of such vagabond dogs have a great deal of trouble. It is not always possible to look after the dog, and he may fall into trouble. They might destroy someone’s property, fall under a car or be caught by a dog catcher. Despite the protections and fences, such dogs can get out and move on to explore the area. In many dogs, nature wins, and while there is a full bowl at home, they like to look for some goodies in the area.

The owner of such a dog, probably has a little bit of anger for the pet, but also knows that this is his nature and the only thing that remains is better dog safety. As it turns out, sometimes such an inconspicuous doggy can become a hero of the whole city! Such a hero was Pui, a nice redhead from Bangkok, who liked to wander the streets and look for treats at the dumpsters.

One day the dog returned home, carrying a bundle. He put it in front of the owners and growled until someone paid attention to the bag. The owner of Pui opened the bag and saw a baby! The newborn baby was put in a net and dumped somewhere in a dumpster. Quickly, they called after an ambulance. The baby was wrapped in a blanket and they waited for help. Fortunately, despite the extreme hunger and cold, the child survived because of Pui.

The police searched for the mother who had abandoned her child and sentenced her to death. Pui became a hero; local television even made a report about his heroism. The dog got a medal from the city and the family got a small prize. However, the most important and saddest thing is that the dog turned out to be more affectionate than the mother of the baby. May she meet her well deserved punishment.