He saw a drowning deer and jumped to help her. This recording is conquering the internet because it shows how big of hearts animals have!

Dogs have it in their blood to help their owner, but also do not remain indifferent to the troubles of other animals.

A dog does not judge, does not discriminate, and does not offend. A dog excuses, loves with all his heart and cares for his owner as much as he can. Even if it’s just standing at his feet and waiting until you find a moment for it. Dogs are appreciated around the world as companion animals. They help the disabled, work equally with people in need of rescue or other animals. And they do it all for free, out of love.

Walking with a dog every time is different; you never know what will happen. And a dog can enjoy everything, it can go a thousand times the same way and it will still be very happy and full of joy that it is with its owner. Thanks to dogs, you can not only meet many people, but also spend interesting and active time. And every step they are waiting for the owner and there is no surprise.

Mark Freeley, owner of a dog called Storm, walked with him on the beach at Jefferson Harbor in New York City. At one point, the dog jumped into the ocean and rescued the little deer. He grabbed her by the neck and brought her to shore; the fawn would probably have drowned because it had no strength. The dog pulled her to the shore and carried her closer to the bushes. And this is just the beginning of the story of the small deer!