The elephant jumped without hesitation to help drowning man! Did the animal remember that he once saved its life?

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals endowed with a good memory, so it is better not to mess with them, because they will remember the people who they knew for many years.

The elephants’ memory and their gratitude were inspected by Darrick Thomson, an elephant coach working in the Thai Elephant Nature Park Reserve. One of his pupils is the elephant, which was once found in chains. Her previous owner was abusive. He beat her and forced her into hard labor, which, unfortunately, is common in Thailand. The man decided to pretend that he’s drowning and check the reaction of the animal.


Darrick plunged into the water and pretended to be swept away by the river current. The elephant immediately saw it, left the other elephants on the shore and went into the water. When she reached him, she leaned over her head so he could catch her trumpet, and then shielded him with her body.

Elephants can be very large faithful, but they must be well treated.

This recording from Thailand shows not only that elephants have a good memory, but also that they know gratitude and concern for their benefactors. The whole situation is proof of the great animal intelligence and that in due season, we shall reap our goodness if we do not loose heart.

Good breeds good, even in the relations between humans and animals.

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