The elephant’s caretaker suddenly fell on the ground. The animals reaction is amazing!

We all know for a long time that elephants are insanely intelligent animals. They are capable of empathy and caring for other. They often cheer up their friends and guardians, nudging them with their trunk, they mourn after losing someone close, they feel strong stress when one of their acquaintances are in danger.

It’s been proven that herd animals are completely capable of empathy. So far, scientists have observed similar behavior in dogs, anthropoid apes, and other species of raven-like birds. Scientist emphasize that elephants are capable of feelings and emotions similar to the kinds that people experience.

The main character of this video, a 17 year-old elephant named Thongsri living near the Chiang Mai temple in Thailand, reacts almost immedietly after seeing that his caretaker has trouble. He runs up to the man, who is laying on the ground, and makes sure that nothing happens to him by nudging him with his trunk.


See how what the whole thing looked like!