The farmer thought he had found a dinosaur’s egg. The truth turned out to be no less surprising!

Mother Nature does not stop us, ever. When a man meets her, he realizes science is helpless. This happens both when we learn about the discovery of new species living today, as well as about the animal that perished millions of years ago. One cannot predict what discoveries will be excavated in the excavations. The uniqueness of Mother Nature convinced this Argentinian farmer to make an extraordinary discovery.

At first he thought it was a giant dinosaur’s egg. The inspection showed, however, that he had found the remains of unusual creatures that walked the Earth’s surface some 10,000 years ago.

Jose Antonio Nieves did not think that a walk on his family farm would make history.

The discovery took place on the 25th of December, 2015, in the vicinity of Buenos Aires.

Near the riverbed, Jose stumbled upon what looked like a giant egg.

Initially, it was difficult to estimate the size of the object, as it was partially submerged in mud.