The first painting by Leonardo da Vinci has a secret! Only a few people noticed this strange tree and realized what it really is

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous Italian Renaissance painters. He was also a great architect, inventor, sculptor, musician, writer and philosopher. His vast knowledge let him create projects that were ahead of his time.

He worked on concepts such as a tank, a hang-glider, a helicopter or a giant crossbow. His inventions and ideas were much beyond the understanding of the people and scholars who lived then. We can say that Leonardo was a multitalented genius but most people remember him as a painter.

His most famous paintings are the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. They are among the most recognizable paintings in the world. The first one is in Louvre in Paris and the second one is kept in Santa Maria della Grazie monastery in Milan. The first painting by Leonardo da Vinci was the Annunciation painted in years 1472-75. Specialists got interested in a strange tree in the background of the painting. Go to the next pages to read more.