The Giant Cat Just Appeared In Google Maps. Nobody Knows How Did He Get There!

Very often something strange appears in Google Maps, but this cat beats everything! At the beginning of this month in Hobson Bay, New Zealand (near Auckland) a road in the shape of a cat appeared on the maps!

Strange, isn’t it? Therefore, we look at this story a little closer.

It looks quite a long … It is a pity that … it does not exist.

Even if the path in the shape of a cat appeared on the map, it unfortunately does not really exist.

Although users can edit the ways on the maps, all changes have to be verified by Google.  And Google says it has never approved such changes. As you can imagine, Google takes this matter very seriously, issuing a statement on the matter:

“We were aware that cats are trying to take over YouTube, but we did not think it expands on Google Maps. We will take a look at this. “



Is it a conspiracy or a huge promotional action? Who knows…


I wouldn’t be surprised seeing unaware tourists looking for a “catlike road”.