The hairdresser made her daughter a unicorn horn. She began the school year in that hairstyle

Mary Thomson works in Florida as a hairdresser. When her six-year old daughter was starting the school year, she decided to experiment a little with her hair and dyed the girl’s long blond strands sea-green. As if it were too little , she cut one side, making it only a few millimiters long, and applied purple and yellow dyes.

Apparently, Lyra had dreamt about having a unicorn horn and kept asking mother to do it for her until the latter finally gave in. When the woman showed off the pictures of the metamorphosis online, quite a number of people called her unreasonable.


Mary doesn’t understand the concern about her daughter’s hair.

Frankly speaking, I really don’t know why it became such a problem. It’s only hair and it will grow back. Everybody has the right for their own opinion, but I think my opinion is the one which matters most. I’m her mother.


Although the mother from Florida assures she used safe colorings, most surfers criticize her and say that such a big metamorphosis should happen when Lyra will be much older.

You must admit that the sight of a six-year old with rainbow hair and a strand shaved off is not something you see every day. Some parents want their children to stand out and be trendy at all costs. Sometimes they spend more money on them than on themselves and create an artificial persona, not to be liked by everybody.