The head of this boy was detached from his body! It’s a miracle that the child survived this tragic car accident

A car accident can change your whole life in a split second, unfortunately, usually for the worse. Here is the story of the Taylors family, which has had a dramatic car accident, as a result of which the head of the youngest child was severed from his body!

Rylea Taylor, not expecting the coming tragedy, quietly drove her car through the roads of New South Wales in Australia. Together with her in the car were her two children: a 9-year old girl and 16-month-old boy, Jakson. Unfortunately, the family was hit by another car head-on.


The impact was very strong, because the speed of the car exceeded a value of over 100 km/h (62 mi). The airbags installed in the vehicle cushioned the blow for the mother and daughter sitting in front of the dashboard, but the boy buckled in the back seat of the car seat suffered serious injuries. The jerk, which occurred during the car accident was so strong that the boy’s head was detached from the rest of his body! This scathe is called internal decapitation.

Internal decapitation is almost always fatal injury.


Jakson’s scull basically lost the connection with the spine, though through the skin, muscles and tendons it was still connected to the body. Hence the initial diagnosis was very pessimistic, but then it turned out that the boy’s spinal cord was not broken, so in a case of performing a successful surgery to connect the head with the body, there was a chance that Jakson would be able to move and breath. Doctors were fighting for many hours in the operating room for the future of the child so that he would be able to stand on his own feet.

Hospital waiting rooms are full of despair, but also hope.


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