The incredible power of dreams! Find out what you can learn when you take a close look at them!

Dreams are a reflection of our fantasies, hopes and fears. They tend to be pleasant and easy, but also difficult. We can meet unknown persons, strange events and situations in them.

In dreams, we can also find our loved ones who want to tell us something or are experiencing an adventure with us. Sometimes those who are long gone come to us in our dreams. Find out what they want to tell us.

Lauri Moore, who deals with parapsychology on a daily basis and is a psychic, believes that dreams with loved ones who have passed away are very important:

The dead do not want to frighten us, but just inform us that everything on the other side is alright. They can come to us with the help of scents, flashing lights, or songs on the radio.

Lauri Moore


The dead may appear when something bad is happening in your life. Doing so, they want so show you their support and their love.

My Modern Met


They may also try to give a warning of the troubles that await us. In this case the deceased appear visually different than what we are normally used to.

Sometimes they don’t say anything and just show that they are close.