The Indian couple let go of a traditional wedding and decided to spend their money in a much more noble way

Each country has its own traditions associated with the wedding ceremony and the wedding. Some of the most glamorous parties are organized in India even though it is quite a poor country.

Pawn but splurge – this principle is familiar, among other places, to the inhabitants of India. Getting one’s daughter married is a great event for the family there, but also a great expense. Weddings must be done with a bang for the whole family to be well perceived by society. Therefore, a lot of people to borrow money for this purpose. Dewar Abhay and Preeti Kumbhare, broke with this tradition of holding a lavish ceremony when they collected money destined for the wedding to help families of farmers who committed suicide.


Abhay and Preeti believe that their compatriots spend far too much to organize their weddings – up to 6% of the state’s budget. Authorities spend less money, i.e., on the whole agricultural sector than citizens do on having fun. They lovers decided to help out the families of the farmers who committed suicide because of poverty and debt.

They acknowledged that a lavish wedding is not important and that you can spend your money in a better way.

They dedicated 20,000 rupees on each of the10 families and 52,000 rupees for books for each of the five libraries in Amravati. Their good heart and generosity changed the lives of many people, giving them hope for better times.

Poverty in rural areas in India is so large that it pushes many farmers to suicide.

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