The Jury stopped a girl’s performance claiming that she’s cheating and lip-syncing. She decided to prove them wrong!

Entertainment programs like talent shows break popularity records. Millions of television viewers, an overflowing audience, and thousands of candidates dreaming of qualifying and being in the show. The motivations for participating are of all sorts. Most frequently, it’s because of wanting to appear before a crowd and show off an amazing talent, such as a musical one.

The 29 year old Ukranian, Aida Nikolajczuk, decided to take part in the local edition of X-Factor. She went on stage and started to sing her own version of Poliny Gagariny’s Song “LOLLABY”.




The jury suddenly stop her beautiful performance, accusing her of lip-syncing. They asked Aide to sing the same song without background music. The girl agreed and performed her song just like she did a few minutes earlier. The jury’s astonishment was enormous. One of them humbly stated that its easier to criticize than it is to compliment someone. There’s some truth in that. :).

It was amazing. We stopped your performance because I couldn’t believe my own ears. It sounded like a finished, commercial product. After seeing the video, it’s hard not to agree with this statement.

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