The length of the ring finger holds information about our personality. Do you know what it says about you?

Our hands are often considered a business card, because they’re one of the most visible parts of the body. Their appearance shows i.e. what kind of attitude we have towards personal hygiene. But the hands are also a place where information about our personality is stored. 

When we think about the messages stored in our hands, what immediately comes to mind is reading the lines located on our palms. But these lines aren’t the only places which can tell us something about ourselves and our personality, our fingers can as well. The length of the ring finger is connected to the amount of testosterone which a woman’s body produced when she was pregnant. When that testosterone reached the fetus, it changed its appearance and character, which is why the ring finger can tell you what type of person you are.


Option 1: the last bend of the ring finger is at the same level as the end of your pinky finger.

People who have such fingers are usually seen by friends and family as cordial and helpful. Sometimes, these people are seen as invasive or aggressive, and it’s because they’re not afraid to take risks and like to confront what is for them new, strange and unknown. People with a nature like this are well suited for the role of soldiers, engineers, and they can have a lot of fun solving charades.


Option 2: the last bend of the ring finger is below the end of the pinky finger.

People with relatively short ring fingers often have higher self-esteem. Therefore, such a person may be seen by society as a narcissus, especially because they’re not particularly busy and engaged in cooperating with others. What’s more, a person with such a layout of their fingers rarely takes on any initiative, especially when it comes to creating a romantic or intimate atmosphere.

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